9th March 2018, 17:15 | womens_rugby_league

Rugby Football League welcomes 30 per cent growth in female teams

Rugby Football League welcomes 30 per cent growth in female teams

And Women's Super League clubs commit to growing the girl's game.

Coinciding with the launch of the Women's Super League in 2017, the Rugby Football League has welcomed 30 per cent more teams to the female game over the past 12 months.

A record number of teams have applied to be part of Rugby Football League the competitions in 2018.

New athletes have attended Super League trials from a variety of sports such as football and badminton, as well as rugby union, with York City Knights welcoming an impressive 13 new players to the club ahead of their Super League debut this year.

Women's Championship & further growth

While Super League has made headlines this week with the launch of the coming season's fixtures, the Women's Championship is set to be the biggest and most competitive it has ever been. Championship fixtures will be released later this month.

But the RFL's focus remains on supporting existing grassroots clubs and, In the coming months, a targeted girls growth programme will be be delivered by the 12 founding members of the Women's Super League - looking to support growth in the number of girls signing up at community clubs and to recruit new players for the benefit of the Championship competition and the Merit League.

Clubs that offer girls and women's Rugby League, or would like to, can access a range of support from the Rugby Football League including free marketing and promotion assets and materials to help with player recruitment in schools and the local community.

The Champion Schools competition is also a key recruitment tool for the girls' game and the Rugby Football League is ensuring that the Foundations and clubs know which secondary schools are driving girls' Rugby League and joining up the schools opportunity so that teachers and the girls they coach are signposted to local clubs.

More female coaches...

There are a number of coaching opportunities in support of the female game:

  • Level 2 coaching is available to women who would like to start off in coaching, or who coach and would like to gain a formal coaching qualification through RFL's partnership with Reach into Coaching
  • A Coaching Support Fund is available to clubs that would like to grow girls and/or women’s Rugby League and which are in the most socio-economically deprived areas in which the sport is played
  • The Coach Mentoring scheme is being extended to support more community game coaches with in-field continuing professional development

Clubs wishing to access support just need to contact Sustainable Clubs and Foundations Manager Tom Brindle on tom.brindle@rfl.co.uk.